The Big O

Hello World, 3/21/2019.

I recently relearned about the Big O notation.

The Big O Notation is the measurement of the time it takes to execute a code.

O(N2) => This is the slowest possible time. The time it takes to execute the code exponentially increases per input(data) file.

O(N) => This increases linearly per input file; essentially y = x.

O(log(N)) => This is really fast. It linearly increases, like the O(N), however, when the O(N) increases the time by 1, this way increase the time by log(1)

O(1) => This is the fastest possible way of coding. No matter how many inputs are put in, it takes exactly 1 unit of time.

And that is for my big O notation.


Written on March 31, 2019