Long Time No See!!

Hi, its been a long time since I have written a post.

Just to gives you fast facts about me right now, I’m currently am in 8th Grade in Islander Middle School. I go to my first two periods for school in the High School, and there, I take Chinese 1 and Honors Algebra 2.

At the middle school, I take Social Studies 8, 8th Grade Symphonic Band (The best band in the middle school), Science 8 (which is a combination of Earth Science, Physics, Chemistry, and so on. I also take Language Arts 8.

I am preparing for the 11/09 teamscode coding competition. I’m planning on going there alone this time. I’m also preparing for the AMC 8 Math Competition, and started going to the Science Olympiad Club, and I’m studying Physics and Chemistry 1 to skip it in high school.

I also play tennis at the Robinswood Tennis Center, and will do a Intermediate USTA tournament at around the end of September.

P.S. I’m composing a song to put in for the Reflections Competition.



Written on November 2, 2019