Yay's and Nay's

Well, Hello There!!

Firstly, I have to tell that I lied. :(

I was “kicked out” of the USTA tournament because there was limited space for players to get in, and i think only the best players were able to play in that tournament.

I also was too lazy to do the music composition for the PTSA Reflections.

However, I did take the AMC8 math competition. YAY!!! Although I didn’t get Distinguised Honor Roll (23pts), I did get Honor Roll again with a whopping 22 points. So I’m happy. I guess I got first place in my school!!! (Second Place got 21)

Now, I’m studying Physics and Chemistry, as well as Programming, and competitive math. I’m trying to practice more and more of clarinet and tennis.

FYI, for programming, I use github (mainly for this website), leetcode (programming problemos), codegym (java), and I’m planning on doing a coding project. I don’t know what it is going to be, but it will start in the close future.

I will see you in the new DECADE!!!

Written on December 28, 2019